Deeper Down the Path

To Huleg

Picking up where they left off the 5 adventurers (bread has left to study more natural magic in the realm, and Teophea left to return to her normal life.) are following Blackfoot to the Criminal City of Huleg. Blackfoot promised the party members that he would take them to Darius the leader of the Local Thieves Guild and get the rest of their money. On the Walk there Blackfoot asks the members of the group to introduce themselves to him which the all willingly do.

When the Adventurers arrive to the town of Huleg they are greeted by the stares of the residents. The people of Huleg do not take kind on newcomers. The only two in the group not getting stares are Kelf Blackfoot and Remmington. Those two have visited the town before and are quite familiar with the locals. Blackfoot tells the party they have an hour to kill before they need to meet with Darius and he asks the adventurers to meet him at the local inn, the Gilded tallywaker. The adventures kill time by relaxing the the inn while the bard plays music for some money.

When the hour passes Blackfoot arrives at the Guilded tallywacker and gestures for the PC's to join him. All gathered around the table Blackfoot goes on to tell the Adventurers that Darius is not a the nicest person and to expect the worst.

When the PC's enter the Guild hall they are joined by a Druid by the name of Thetica, who was interested in their motives. The Group is told by Darius that Blackfoot was wrong when he promised them that amount of money. He tells them that in order to get that money they would have to do a job for him. Dairus tells the party they need to go to a local caravan camping site that is moving a large shipment of mana crystals from Stromhaven to Yushi. Darius says that a for each crate the PC's bring back they gill get 1000gp. The PC's aren't quick to accept but they do after some negotiating. Darius tell the party that Blackfoot will be joining them on this heist.


Blackfoot recommends to the group that they leave as soon as possible and after some shopping around they were off. It was a day hike to the Raid spot and during the night the only eventful thing that happened was Remmington saw a dragon in the distance. In the following morning before everyone wakes up Thetica goes to scout ahead of the group and make sure they aren't in danger. Thetica only notices a small group of Stormhaven guards far from the camp. Thetica takes this news back to the camp. When she arrives, the other party member are awake and ready for their move.

When the party arrives at the caravan camp they notice that Darius lied when he told them how many men would be there Darius said about twenty when in reality it was about 150. Blackfoot began to feel nervous but the adventurers snapped him back into it. The adventurers wait until most of the guards of the camp are asleep and then they start their heist.

The first order of business was for Kidjme the Halfing rogue to sneak up and deactivate the alarm system throughout the camp. She does this successfully and now the party splits up and takes out the remaining guards. While the other party members are dealing with the guards, Kidjme goes off and tries to break into the largest tent in the campsite. Before she does this she notices that their are already people trying to break into this same tent. Kidjme flees back to Anduin and the party Finishes off the rest of the guards.

The Druid sets fire to one of the large tent in the campsite to create a distraction killing about 25 people. The others in the camp begin to watch and attempt to put out the fire but fail. The Adventurers decide their best course of action would be to take the crates that they have load them up on the empty horse carriage and be on their way. They take their crates and head off from the camp.

The party meets back up at the their old campsite and sets off to the druids cabin in the woods near the city Huleg. Before the party can get to the cabin, they are stopped by a group of Stormhaven guards investigating the very recent mana Crystal robbery. The group decides that instead of talking they are going to take their horse off into the field on the left of them, and pray they make it to the druids cabin safely. With a few scrapes and arrow punctures, the adventurers make it to the cabin.


While at the cabin the Adventurers then take apart the horse cart and put the mana crytal crates in the druids shed. Blackfoot was struck by an arrow in the flee but Verin saves him with a health potion. Blackfoot rests in the cabin and Verin stands watch outside the Cabin. Verin notices a very supicious figure approaching the cabin. Verin asks who this figure is and the person says they are here for the mana crystals that got stolen. Verin can tell that this person has a very bad intent. The figure removes its hood and it reveals a human that has been horribly disfigured and has mana pours protruding from its body. Without another moment Verin kills the figure with his mighty monk fists. Verin and Blackfoot then head to the town of Huleg to get Darius. Darius agrees to come and grab the crates but not after receiving news that the actual thieves Guild is headed to get Darius for stealing from them.

Darius takes the crates and gives the party their gold and mana crystals. Darius also throws the party a "certificate of Easement" with pardons them of any crimes in Exerhal.



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