The world of Ebonya is a relatively new one. People have only been keeping track of time for about 20,000 years. The scholars of Ebonya have kept these records of time in the oldest city of Ebonya, Stormhaven. Most the of the world has been discovered with the help of "Mana Crystals". These little things gave the people of Ebonya Power, Land vehicles, Sewage, Guns, Bomb, and much more. Once man explored the world they began to settle into four diferent kingdoms. The Exerhal Pact, The Cou, The Roguard, and the Kesmier. What the world didn't know is that these mana crystals, once used rarely come back.  Once The people realized that these crystals we rent ever coming back they went into all out war over the reaming ones. 

This war lasted 100 years. The year was now 10,784 and the people of the world have used the remaining crystals to fight eachother. The war ended when the four kingdoms ran out of their supply of crystals. The kingdoms all retreated to their homelands to adjust to a new life without crystals.  


"Bombs rained from the sky… Their guns were so powerful…. War was never like this before these. Its a dark time now indeed." – Unknown Roguard solider. 


Flash forward 9000 years to the year 19,820 and mana crystals have begun to "sprout" again. The Exerhal Pact is the first to notice this and decides that it must be kept a secret. When the other kingdoms eventually heard of this they of course declared war on the Exerhal Pact. This war was even bloodier then the last it was 3 on 1 but the one had superior weapons due to mana crystals. This war ended when a group a spies from The Cou stole enough mana crystals to completely bomb the city of Kyserhol. 

After the bombing the Exerhal pact surrendered and agreed to share its mana crystals with the world. 

Now, present time in the year 19,997. The world is running low on the limited supplies of mana crystals and scholars say theres only about 500 years left until they are gone forever But, There have been rumor of a wizard located in The Roguard Kingdom that has discovered how to create mana crystals from renewable resources. Could this be true?  Could this be to much power for one man to handle? 


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