New Friends
in dire times
Our adventure began with our adventurers captured and taken prisoner. The 7 awake in their tight cell and began immediately to try and escape. The Questionably gay gnome found a thin piece of metal that the Halfing rogue used to break everybody out. Once they were freed from the cell, the party began to introduce themselves.


Anduin the Half-Orc Barbarian, Kidjme Taruff the Halfing Rogue, Verin the Human Monk, Remmington the Gnome Bard, Theophaea the Elf Cleric, Bread the Dwarf Wizard, and Revan the Elf Ranger.

Now with everybody acquainted they were ready for to take out the guards that were keeping them captive. The group manages to quietly, steal the forks, knives, and plates from the table in front of their cell. With their makeshift weapons they killed the bandits in the room with them. With the bandits dead, the adventurers head up the stairs out of the buildings basement.

When they went up stairs they saw a much larger group of bandits waiting for them. With this information the group decided to use the table in the basement to barricade the door. The bandits realize this and begin to attempt to break the barricade down. The adventures deal with the bandits in the house and regain their lost gear, memory, and some extra gold.

Just before they were going to leave the house they were confronted by Kelf Blackfoot. The adventurers hid but realized he was their to offer them another job. Kelf tasks the party to kill a local leader in the nearby town of Wayshire. The party agrees and heads off on their way. When they get to Wayshire the bard stalks the three politicians that he sees giving a speech in the common area of the city. He then follows him back to a shack and convinces the guards to leave and get a drink. They Adventurers then comes back to the alone politician and then kill him inside his house and take his head. Not with out alerting the local law before hand. The party escapes but barely. The Halfing Rogue was shot unconscious but pulled through.

The party then goes back to Blackfoot and gives him Hernus Celmans head. Like Blackfoot agreed (Sorta) he gives the PC’s 1000gp and agrees to take them to the nearby city of Huleg to get the remainder of the gold and to give them a safehaven from the law.


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